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We would like our Community Woodland to last for ever, so we need to convince tomorrow's decision-makers of its value.

Children at Stanton’s Primary and Middle schools played a major role in the planting and tending of young trees for the woodland. In keeping with the philosophy of Green Light Trust we visited regularly and organised nature activities for the children with the help of the teachers. In particular, every November we helped the pupils from years 1 and 5 plant a tree seed each in their school's nursery bed.

As they moved through the school system, the pupils were able to follow the progress of their tree and study how the woodland habitat developed over the years. In early 2008 for the first time the year 4 and year 8 pupils helped us plant out their 3-year-old saplings. These were among the first trees to be planted in the new Community Wood at Sid's Piece! For a time the woodland project had an established place integrated into the curriculum at both schools.

The middle school has since closed, and the primary school will be moving to its new premises from September 2016.  We hope that, in conjunction with the Green Light Trust, we will be able to work with them in the development of their new site.